Street art is everywhere


Hello, and welcome to my new blog, nice and easy to remember right? Due to my ever-growing love for urban art I thought that it was time I wrote a blog about my favourite pieces of street art, amazing graffiti hot-spots and the people behind the work.

My love for street art first started when I went to the beautiful city that is Bristol, the west country and home of cider. This is also quite apt as it’s the home of the world’s most famous street artists.

Before working in Bristol I didn’t really have as much exposure to graffiti. Although I grew up in one of the most thriving cities in the country, Leeds, there’s not much of a street art scene there. If you’ve never been to Leeds, it’s definitely worth a visit, great beers and places to eat, and a half-decent football team (not so much anymore).

I didn’t really get into Banksy until visited Bristol. I mean, I’d heard of him, seen his books and knew bits about him, but that was it. It wasn’t until I saw his work in the flesh that I connected with it. The first Banksy I laid my eyes upon was ‘well hung lover’ on Park Street, Bristol. It was subtle, just there on the bottom of the street. I imagined hoards of tourists taking photos and selfies, but there wasn’t. Well, there was a few people taking photos but not to the extent I pictured in my head. Bristol’s a pretty chilled out place, and the fact that there’s a number of Banksy’s in the city just adds to its coolness.


‘Well hung lover’ is one of many great original Banksy pieces in Bristol, I’ll cover more Banksy’s and west country graffiti in another blog post.

Back to Bristol, and the city itself. The place as a whole just has an amazing buzz, lots of students, travellers and foreigners make for a great atmosphere in the city centre. There’s the Waterfront with bars on the river, King Street with more cool bars, old pubs and old buildings, and a decent curry house too! Then you’ve got Broad Street, with stunning architecture including the famous Grand Hotel (I spent many nights there whilst working in Bristol), and some stunning views in the distance. St Nicholas Market is just round the corner and has some amazing street food stalls, my favourite was Grillstock. If you like pulled pork, wow.

Broad street 2

Other places to mention in Bristol are of course, Park Street, a huge street full of more bars, independent shops amongst other things. They do an annual water slide down there in the summer which looks mental. Stokes Croft is also another place full of life, more incredible works of street art are up that way, as well as some cool coffee shops. I know if I didn’t live in London then Bristol is a place that would definitely steal my heart. One day.

Nelson Street

The first place that really caught my eye in Bristol was Nelson Street, just at the bottom of Broad Street. I worked on Broad Street when I was living in Bristol and this is where I first experienced street art at its finest.

I remember walking down there one night after work, it was dark, but the graffiti just made the place feel so vibrant and alive. I certainly didn’t feel like I was anywhere in England, in fact it felt like another country (until I walked past a Tesco’s and a bookies). There was just something about it, something unique.

Nelson street street art

Graffiti on Nelson Street

This was just one piece of creative street art on Nelson St, just as you walk past one piece of graffiti, you see something even better in the distance. As soon as you put your camera away you find yourself reaching for it again to capture another work of art.

Bristol is definitely one of the greatest places I’ve been in my years, and I can’t recommend it enough. Street art-wise, it’s an iconic city, birth place to one of the all time greats in the trade, and it takes some beating.

In my blog I’ll talk about Bristol, Berlin, London, Paris amongst other places I manage to get to in order to find my passion.

I hope you enjoy my street art blog. Artists/ street art lovers, please feel free to add any comments and credits to artists if I’ve not mentioned their names.

Thanks for reading.

Peace x


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