Shoreditch street art: Part 1

Jimmy C Shoredtich

East London is quite possibly one of the coolest places in the country and it’s definitely the best place to see some of London’s best street art –  by some of the biggest artists in the graffiti scene. As soon as you exit Shoreditch High Street station there’s a huge piece by OBEY aka Shepard Fairey, which pretty much sets the scene for what’s to come.

You could easily spend the day graffiti hunting around Shoreditch and the street art is really easy to find. As I said, just opposite Shoreditch overground station you’ll find OBEY. A walk further up and you’ll find Redchurch Street (which I mentioned in my previous post). This area is full of some mighty fine urban art. Each street around this area is worth investigating and before you know it you’ll come across a massive piece by ROA and some incredible work by Jimmy C.

OBEY Shoreditch

OBEY piece in Shoreditch. You can find it just opposite Box Park.

ROA Shoreditch

Work by ROA. This piece is also just opposite Shoreditch High Street station.

Coloured wall Shoredtich

This wall on Chance Street reminds me a lot of Nelson Street in Bristol.

Just off Chance Street you’ll find Whitby Street. This is the place to find some signature work by the man himself, Jimmy C. His unique style is easy to spot and his work makes graffiti hunting all the more worth while. From Whitby Street you’re only a stones throw away from the famous Brick Lane. If you can prize yourself away from beigel shops, eating cereal and curry, then there’s some outstanding street art to find too.

Jimmy C Shoreditch2

Work by Jimmy C on Whitby Street

Jimmy C

Another Jimmy C piece just next to the one above…

There’s not much graffiti to see on Brick Lane itself, it’s all on the side streets so keep your eyes peeled at all times! Each back street and alley off Brick Lane is worth a look down as you’ll uncover more and more spectacular works of art.

One of my personal favourites is Hanbury Street, it’s about half way down Brick Lane and can be found just after the Truman Brewery (or before – depending on which way you walk up the street). Not only is this street home to Europe’s biggest vintage shop ‘Blitz’, as well as being the place the Ripper murdered Annie Chapman, it’s also street art heaven. ROA’s big bird being one of the iconic works of art standing high on the side of one of the buildings.

ROA Hanbury Street

Street art heaven on Hanbury Street. ROA’s big bird amongst others.

Hanbury St

One of my favourite pieces of graffiti, sadly this work is no longer on Hanbury Street.

Hanbury Street 2

Work by RONE.

Hanbury Street 3

Incredible art by Snikarts.

Hanbury Street

Another amazing work of art that’s no longer there.

As there’s so much incredible graffiti in east London, it’s impossible to cover it all in one post. There’s still more to cover on Brick Lane and the surrounding hipster area that is Shoreditch.

In the coming months there’ll be more posts about London’s fine street art, including Banksy’s that you can still find in the capital, as well as some inspiring works of art in Berlin and Paris too… and wherever else I come across this amazing form of free art!

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments, share your favourite pieces in London, and add any info I’ve missed.

Peace x


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