Willkommen to Berlin

Kreuzberg Hallo, wie gehts? I’ve decided it’s time to leave London’s street art scene for a week or two and take a trip on a budget airline over to Berlin, Germany. Berlin is Germany’s capital and is home to lots of historical monuments; there’s The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, The Berlin Wall, The Olympic Stadium (built and designed by the Nazis in 1934), The Berlin Tower, Sachensehausen Concentration Camp (just north of Berlin and worth a visit), and of course there’s more bratwurst and beer that you could ever imagine. It’s famous for night clubs, coffee shops, tech and everyone you look at is ultra hip. It’s the home of the original hipster, probably.

Don’t get me wrong, east London is cool as fuck. There’s some world class street art in Shoreditch by some of the best in the business. But when you walk around the streets of the hip Kreuzberg it’s like Shoreditch times a thousand, or more. There street art is huge and there’s some absolutely incredible graffiti, on a mass scale.

Like Shoreditch, you’ll find Kreuzberg in the east end of Berlin (it’s still quite central if you look at the U-Bahn map). It’s easy to get to and the U-Bahn is really cheap,  a day ticket will set you back around €7. If you take the U1 and get off at Schlesisches Tor you’ll be pretty much in the heart of Kreuzberg. One thing I will say is, don’t forget to validate your U-Bahn ticket in the machine in station entrances… otherwise you could face a penalty. One thing I didn’t do on the first time I visited Germany, luckily I never got caught!

Jimmy C Berlin

Work by Jimmy C

As soon as you exit the train station there’s a great piece by Jimmy C on the wall of a café. In this area you’re guaranteed to find some incredible urban art. You’ll see work by artists such as Stik, ROA, Discreet along the way and much more. The Berlin Wall is a short walk away, and again, there’s street art everywhere.

You could spend hours walking along the Berlin wall, taking in the history, as well as the art that reflects the culture of Kreuzberg. When taking a trip along the Berlin Wall I highly recommend you stop off for a currywurst or two. Berlin is one of the best places I’ve ever been (Germany is an amazing country in general), and before I go on too much about how much I love Deutschland, here are some of my favourite graffiti finds in Kreuzberg:

Berlin Wall 1

Art on the Berlin Wall

Diskreet Stik

Work by #discreet and #stik

East side gallery

The East Side Gallery. This is where you’ll find some incredible street art.

I love Berlin

‘I love Berlin’- huge mural just opposite the Berlin Wall, on the side of the East Side Hotel.

As you can see, the street art is unreal and it makes the streets of Berlin one of the best urban galleries in the world. There’s so much incredible graffiti in Kreuzberg and beyond, that makes it impossible to to it all in one post – so there’ll be more!

Berlin art Jimmy C Make love not war ROA

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments, share your favourite pieces in Berlin, and add any info I’ve missed.

Peace x


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