Berlin street art: Part 2

Berlin street art 4

Hallo again, welcome back to my street art blog.

As there’s so much amazing urban art in Berlin, inevitably it was impossible I’d be able to write about it in one post. I could go on for hours about the place and there’d be still more to I want to say. So I’ll try not to go on too much, and instead just show you some of my favourite pieces of art in Kreuzberg and the surrounding areas.

Although it was last May when I went to Berlin, I still can’t get over how good it was and if I could live anywhere else in the world then Deutschland would be the place for me.

Other than lots of incredible street art, one of the most memorable things about Berlin was Sachsenhausen – the concentration camp just north of the city. It was a harsh reminder of what happened less than 100 years ago, and quite a chilling experience.

If you’re planning a trip over to Berlin and if you’re looking for things to do other than hunting graffiti, stick that on your ‘to do list’.

Anyway, moving away from the touristy side of things and back to street art – if you head over to Schlesisches Tor on the U-Bahn you’ll find yourself in a pretty good location to start the day.

If you walk towards the Berlin Wall, along Oberbaumstraße and towards the bridge you’ll see some absolutely huge pieces of art, including this guy:

Berlin art 5

As you walk along the bridge you’ll have a pretty stunning view of the city and you’ll see The Berlin Tower in the distance (also worth a trip to the top).

View of Berlin Tower

At the end of the bridge on the left hand side of the street you’ll find what remains of the Berlin Wall. What used to separate East and West Germany is now a gallery full of urban art for all to see.

It takes a good while to walk down the remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall and each different section tells its own story. There’s a mixture of different styles and it’s pretty awe-inspiring.

Berlin wall 2 Berlin Wall 3 Berlin wall bird

Back in the heart of Kreuzberg street art is everywhere. Round every street corner you’re guaranteed to find some brilliant works of graffiti.

Here’s some of my favourite finds in Kreuzberg:

Berlin art 4

Astronout graff

The next two pieces of huge street art were about a ten minute walk from  Schlesisches Tor, opposite a street called Cuvrystraße. Now Berlin is home to quite a lot of homeless people (like every capital city) and around this area there seemed to be more than usual.

Opposite Cuvrystraße was a massive commune of people living off the street. It was surrounded by massive walls and over the top you could see open burning fires, huts and kids running about. There were people going in with shopping trollies full of junk, no one looked particularly poor – more like hippies living off the land.

Anyway this little section of land looked pretty intimidating from the outside and I was worried if I went in flashing my iPhone it might not see the light of day after. But had I not entered I would not have been able to capture this incredible street art, definitely the most memorable of my street art captures from Kreuzberg…

Berlin art 3 Berlin art 2

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments, share your favourite pieces in Berlin, and add any info I’ve missed.

Peace x


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