Street art daily: day one

I’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of street art on my MacBook so I thought it’d be a good idea to share one piece every day this week. Some of the pieces are now long gone, while others are still standing.

Unless you’re Banksy and your work is protected by plexiglass it can be difficult for it to truly stand the test of time, or survive being tagged over by another artist. Over the past few years I’ve found some unbelievable urban art in places like Shoreditch, Camden, Bristol, Paris and Berlin.

I’ll start this post with this piece by Jimmy C. His unique style of ‘drip painting’ is very distinct and his work fuses fine art with a spray can and the results are jaw dropping. So here’s a big shout out to Jimmy C and his impeccable talent.

There’s three pieces by Jimmy on Whitby Street in Shoreditch and it’s hard not to love this one…

Jimmy C

Feel free to share some of your favourite street art and let me know where you think are the best cities for urban art.

Peace x


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