Street art daily: day two

Happy Tuesday street art lovers. 

Last year, Bristolian street artist, Stik, painted the world’s tallest street art on the side of a block of flats in Acton. Stik’s distinct ‘stick man’ style can be seen all over London, and the rest of the world, but this time the once homeless artist was out to deliver a powerful message to London’s property developers.

He was quoted saying ‘affordable housing in Britain is under threat. This piece is to remind the world that all people need homes’ . This record-breaking piece of street art is painted on the side of Charles Hocking House (less than a ten minute walk from Acton Town tube) and is well worthy of a trip out to the West End.

Unfortunately, when I made the journey out to Acton the sun had all-but set by the time I made it to Charles Hocking House. I still managed to capture this incredible work of art by the great Stik, and here’s what I saw (apologies for the poor quality of the images, my iPhone does not like taking pictures in the dark):

Stik Stik Collage

I highly recommend visiting Acton to see this iconic masterpiece before the building is demolished in 2016. And look out for Stik’s work all over London Town. 

Have you been to see this piece on Charles Hocking House? What did you think?

Street art & graffiti lovers, feel free to add comments and share your favourite street art!

Peace x


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