Street art daily: day three

Mixing of styles

Today I’m going to take a look back at the ‘Mixing of Styles 2015’ that happened in Shoreditch on Saturday 11th July. 

My weekends usually consist of wondering around East London, drinking a flat white here, eating a bagel there (or should I say ‘beigel’) and generally doing things that you should do in the hipster capital of London. So unsurprisingly, my afternoon stroll lead me to Shoreditch and the home of lots and lots of graffiti.

As I was walking down Redchurch Street (home to an incredible mural by Jim Vision) a friendly guy handed out a flyer for an event happening in the Nomadic Community Gardens just off Brick Lane. I’ve been there a few times and for those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a park area (next to the overground line) that’s currently been transformed into a street art haven. The gardens will be developed into property in the near future, so in the meantime it’s currently a creative space for artists to do their thing.

Luckily for me, as I was on a street art hunt anyway I decided to go and check it out. I made sure I treated myself to a famous Brick Lane salt beef beigel first, obviously.

The weather was amazing and Shoreditch was absolutely buzzing on Saturday. There was street art going up all over the place, and the crowds were watching, instagramming and basking in the glorious summer sun.

Some of the top street artists around could be spotted at the Nomadic Community Gardens including the likes of Jim Vision, Dan Chase, Trafik and the Lost Souls Crew. It was an exhibition of urban art and the artists all came together for a true mixing of styles.

Cheap food and beer was on offer (£2 a pint – in London!) and there was a really cool vibe, everyone was friendly and there to appreciate one thing – art. Graffiti and creativity was happening all around, from artists collaborating on a cherry picker spraying a huge mural, to artists painting on vans to… well one guy constructing an unbelievable sculpture out of wood that he found on the floor – respect.

Redchurch St

In action: fresh graffiti going up on a wall next to what used to be All Press on Redchurch Street.

Brick Lane3

Huge crowds took to the streets of Brick Lane to witness the street art extravaganza


Improvisation: a nomadic traveller creates this masterpiece out of bits of wood found laying around.

Mixing of styles 3

Going up: An impressive street art collaboration on this huge wall in the Nomadic Community Gardens

Talent: An artist sprays this amazing piece on the side of a van.

Talent: An artist sprays this amazing piece on the side of a van.

Mixing of styles 5

Stunning: A fine example of the work on show

Done: An artist evaluates  his finished piece

Done: An artist evaluates his finished piece

Mixing of styles 7

Action shot: This guy had a massive crowd watching as he painted this exquisite mural.

Mixing of styles Collage

Did you make it to the Mixing of Styles 2015? What did you think? 

Feel free to share some of your favourite street art and let me know where you think are the best cities for urban art.

Peace x


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