New Street Art


IMG_8839As a street art blogger, other than finding graffiti and writing about it, it doesn’t get much better than reading a decent book on the subject too. This week I received a press release copy of a must-have new book called New Street Art, and it’s the bible for any graffiti enthusiast. 

The book, set for release in May this year, is Written by Claude Crommelin (aka Claudelondon) and it’s pretty much an A-Z of London street art by artists old and new (150 in total, including some stunning photography).

Claude has been dubbed the ‘David Attenborough of street art’ and he’s been documenting the London street art scene since 2008, after moving to the UK from The Netherlands. As a professional photographer, he’s seen his contemporary artworks in the likes of Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Centraal Museum Utrecht and Boymans van Beuiningen in Rotterdam.

This book showcases some of the best street art in London, by the world’s top artists. It shows us the incredible passion Claude has for street art. He’s made a name for himself along the way and is recognised by many as been ‘the first on the scene when anything new arrives’.

New Street Art provides a great insight into the world of graffiti and includes the work of 150 street artists on the scene today, making it an essential book for your street art collection.

Artists included in the book in no particular order are Banksy, Invader, ROA, Stik, Dscreet, Otto Schade, VHILS, C215, Jimmy C, Dan Kitchener, Mr Fahrenheit and more.

‘Claude Crommelin is the David Attenborough of Brick Lane street art’ -Stik

Check out some of the pages from the book below, and don’t forget to pre-order it!

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Street art daily: East London vibes


It’s been a while since my last blog post so here’s a quick one highlighting some of my favourite pieces in the east end of London Town. 

No matter how many times you take a wonder around the streets of Hackney and beyond, you’re always safe in the knowledge you’ll see work by the world’s best urban artists. There’s never a dull day in London, that’s for sure.

There’s some amazing new work in the east end at the minute, but here’s a ‘Thursday throwback’ to some of my faves. Apologies if I haven’t mentioned the artist (I do try credit artists when possible!).


One of many pieces by the Belgian, ROA. This piece can be found just off Brick Lane.


Another piece just off Brick Lane that’s been there for a year or so now. Not sure who it’s by but I love it.


One of my favourite street artists, Stik, can be spotted all over East London and beyond.


Stik adding value to this property at the top of the world famous Brick Lane.


Sadly this UP street art has now disappeared from this wall on Old Street. Definitely up there with my favourite pieces of street art. Who Doesn’t love a Disney movie?


Work by the incredibly talented VHILS. This skilled street artist carves his art into the building, leaving behind a stunning, life-like image. Not seen anything like this before. His work isn’t as common so when you find one, it’s worth admiring.

Do you have any favourite pieces of urban art in East London or any other cities? Share the street art love here. 

As always, graffiti lovers & artists, add comments, share your favourite street art, and any info I’ve missed.

Peace x

Street art daily: day six

Today’s street art daily post is all about the incredible Belgian artist, ROA, and his amazing work I’ve found in Bristol, Berlin and London.

ROA is best known for his large black and white mural’s of rodents and animals. 

His most popular piece in London is the ‘big bird’ on Hanbury Street, which I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous blogs.

Here’s some of my favourite ROA captures:


This one can be found just off Brick Lane

Work by ROA

Work by ROA in Bristol city centre – unfortunately this piece is no longer there.


Mega piece by ROA in Kreuzberg, Berlin.


Hedgehog by ROA opposite Shoreditch High Street station.

ROA Hanbury Street

The famous ‘crane’ on Hanbury Street

What do you think to ROA’s work? Feel free to share your favourite ROA pieces and share any other street art you like.

Enjoy your weekend!

Peace x

From Jack the Ripper to street art central


It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post so I thought I’d write something short and sweet about some of my favourite urban art pieces to have graced east London’s Hanbury Street.

Hanbury Street, just off the one and only Brick Lane, is currently home to some incredible street art. Many of the world’s greatest artists ply their trade around the streets of Shoreditch, including the likes of Invader, OBEY, ROA and Banksy, to name but a few.

Back in the day

Over 100 years ago, Jack the Ripper murdered his second victim, Annie Chapman, behind 29 Hanbury Street. He brutally slashed her throat, ripped open her abdomen and removed her uterus. Pretty gruesome, right?

The only thing that remains from the horrific days of 1888 is the stunning architecture around Spitalfields like Christ Church, which opened in the 1730s, and the beautiful old houses.

That’s enough history for one blog post. I’m here to talk about some of my favourite street art to appear on the infamous graffiti wall on Hanbury Street. This wall can be found just before Blitz Vintage and it’s on the same side of the street as the huge ‘crane’ piece by Belgian street artist ROA.

Two staple pieces of street art on Hanbury St. The left is a stunning piece by Argentinian, Martin Ron, and on the right is ROA's 'crane'.

Two staple pieces of street art on Hanbury St. The left is a stunning piece by Argentinian, Martin Ron, and on the right is ROA’s ‘crane’.

Here are some the best pieces of urban art to appear on the vibrant and colourful Hanbury Street. Enjoy.

This is probably my favourite all time street art in London. It's such an incredible piece by Alexis Diaz.

This is probably my all time favourite piece of street art in London. It’s such an incredible piece combining an elephant with an octopus. Work by Alexis Diaz.

Another fantastic spectacle to appear on Hanbury St, was this piece by Aussie artist, RONE.

Another fantastic spectacle to appear on Hanbury St, was this piece by Aussie artist, RONE.

Another great piece that was on Hanbury Street for brief period.  Artist unknown.

Another great piece that was on Hanbury Street for brief period. Artist unknown.

This awesome piece was added to the infamous wall on Hanbury St this year and it's absolutely incredible.

This awesome piece was added to the infamous wall on Hanbury St this year and it’s absolutely incredible. Work by PIXEL PANCHO & EVOCA1.

This piece was added by Alexis Diaz and Elian Chali as recent as June 2015. It's another great example of the incredible talent on offer in East London's street art scene.

This piece was added by Alexis Diaz and Elian Chali as recent as June 2015. It’s another great example of the incredible talent on offer in East London’s street art scene.

And that’s a round up of a few of my favourite murals on Hanbury Street. It’s a unique street in the heart of hipster Shoreditch. The scenery is always changing and you’re guaranteed to find some London’s best street art in this area.

As always, graffiti lovers & artists, add comments, share your favourite street art spots, and any info I’ve missed. Peace x

Willkommen to Berlin

Kreuzberg Hallo, wie gehts? I’ve decided it’s time to leave London’s street art scene for a week or two and take a trip on a budget airline over to Berlin, Germany. Berlin is Germany’s capital and is home to lots of historical monuments; there’s The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, The Berlin Wall, The Olympic Stadium (built and designed by the Nazis in 1934), The Berlin Tower, Sachensehausen Concentration Camp (just north of Berlin and worth a visit), and of course there’s more bratwurst and beer that you could ever imagine. It’s famous for night clubs, coffee shops, tech and everyone you look at is ultra hip. It’s the home of the original hipster, probably.

Don’t get me wrong, east London is cool as fuck. There’s some world class street art in Shoreditch by some of the best in the business. But when you walk around the streets of the hip Kreuzberg it’s like Shoreditch times a thousand, or more. There street art is huge and there’s some absolutely incredible graffiti, on a mass scale.

Like Shoreditch, you’ll find Kreuzberg in the east end of Berlin (it’s still quite central if you look at the U-Bahn map). It’s easy to get to and the U-Bahn is really cheap,  a day ticket will set you back around €7. If you take the U1 and get off at Schlesisches Tor you’ll be pretty much in the heart of Kreuzberg. One thing I will say is, don’t forget to validate your U-Bahn ticket in the machine in station entrances… otherwise you could face a penalty. One thing I didn’t do on the first time I visited Germany, luckily I never got caught!

Jimmy C Berlin

Work by Jimmy C

As soon as you exit the train station there’s a great piece by Jimmy C on the wall of a café. In this area you’re guaranteed to find some incredible urban art. You’ll see work by artists such as Stik, ROA, Discreet along the way and much more. The Berlin Wall is a short walk away, and again, there’s street art everywhere.

You could spend hours walking along the Berlin wall, taking in the history, as well as the art that reflects the culture of Kreuzberg. When taking a trip along the Berlin Wall I highly recommend you stop off for a currywurst or two. Berlin is one of the best places I’ve ever been (Germany is an amazing country in general), and before I go on too much about how much I love Deutschland, here are some of my favourite graffiti finds in Kreuzberg:

Berlin Wall 1

Art on the Berlin Wall

Diskreet Stik

Work by #discreet and #stik

East side gallery

The East Side Gallery. This is where you’ll find some incredible street art.

I love Berlin

‘I love Berlin’- huge mural just opposite the Berlin Wall, on the side of the East Side Hotel.

As you can see, the street art is unreal and it makes the streets of Berlin one of the best urban galleries in the world. There’s so much incredible graffiti in Kreuzberg and beyond, that makes it impossible to to it all in one post – so there’ll be more!

Berlin art Jimmy C Make love not war ROA

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments, share your favourite pieces in Berlin, and add any info I’ve missed.

Peace x

Shoreditch street art: Part 1

Jimmy C Shoredtich

East London is quite possibly one of the coolest places in the country and it’s definitely the best place to see some of London’s best street art –  by some of the biggest artists in the graffiti scene. As soon as you exit Shoreditch High Street station there’s a huge piece by OBEY aka Shepard Fairey, which pretty much sets the scene for what’s to come.

You could easily spend the day graffiti hunting around Shoreditch and the street art is really easy to find. As I said, just opposite Shoreditch overground station you’ll find OBEY. A walk further up and you’ll find Redchurch Street (which I mentioned in my previous post). This area is full of some mighty fine urban art. Each street around this area is worth investigating and before you know it you’ll come across a massive piece by ROA and some incredible work by Jimmy C.

OBEY Shoreditch

OBEY piece in Shoreditch. You can find it just opposite Box Park.

ROA Shoreditch

Work by ROA. This piece is also just opposite Shoreditch High Street station.

Coloured wall Shoredtich

This wall on Chance Street reminds me a lot of Nelson Street in Bristol.

Just off Chance Street you’ll find Whitby Street. This is the place to find some signature work by the man himself, Jimmy C. His unique style is easy to spot and his work makes graffiti hunting all the more worth while. From Whitby Street you’re only a stones throw away from the famous Brick Lane. If you can prize yourself away from beigel shops, eating cereal and curry, then there’s some outstanding street art to find too.

Jimmy C Shoreditch2

Work by Jimmy C on Whitby Street

Jimmy C

Another Jimmy C piece just next to the one above…

There’s not much graffiti to see on Brick Lane itself, it’s all on the side streets so keep your eyes peeled at all times! Each back street and alley off Brick Lane is worth a look down as you’ll uncover more and more spectacular works of art.

One of my personal favourites is Hanbury Street, it’s about half way down Brick Lane and can be found just after the Truman Brewery (or before – depending on which way you walk up the street). Not only is this street home to Europe’s biggest vintage shop ‘Blitz’, as well as being the place the Ripper murdered Annie Chapman, it’s also street art heaven. ROA’s big bird being one of the iconic works of art standing high on the side of one of the buildings.

ROA Hanbury Street

Street art heaven on Hanbury Street. ROA’s big bird amongst others.

Hanbury St

One of my favourite pieces of graffiti, sadly this work is no longer on Hanbury Street.

Hanbury Street 2

Work by RONE.

Hanbury Street 3

Incredible art by Snikarts.

Hanbury Street

Another amazing work of art that’s no longer there.

As there’s so much incredible graffiti in east London, it’s impossible to cover it all in one post. There’s still more to cover on Brick Lane and the surrounding hipster area that is Shoreditch.

In the coming months there’ll be more posts about London’s fine street art, including Banksy’s that you can still find in the capital, as well as some inspiring works of art in Berlin and Paris too… and wherever else I come across this amazing form of free art!

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments, share your favourite pieces in London, and add any info I’ve missed.

Peace x

Welcome to London

Shoreditch At the back end of 2013, after work had taken me from Leeds to India, then down to Bristol for a few months, I started working in one of the greatest cities in the world – London. Ever since I was a young lad I’ve wanted to live in the big smoke, so to finally do so was a cliché come true. One of the greatest things about London is that there’s always something to do. You can never get bored in foggy London Town. There’s the markets, the museums, the shops, the sights, the food, the pubs, the culture, the views, the nightlife – oh, and some pretty amazing street art too, done by the likes of Banksy, Invader, Stik, Obey (aka Shepard Fairey), Theirry Noir, Jimmy C, Otto Shade, ROA, Jim Vision and many, many more top artists. East London I’m going to start on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. It’s the place where I fell in love with street art in London, and it reminded me very much of Nelson Street in Bristol. It’s so colourful and vibrant and it just creates an atmosphere that’s is difficult to explain. Shoreditch is the place to see lots and lots of street art and is probably one of the best areas in London to visit. Redchurch Street is just up the road from Shoreditch High Street station and it’s a good place to start your graffiti sight seeing. It’s also 30 seconds away from the top of Brick Lane, so I recommend grabbing your self a famous salt beef beigel first. And yes they do call spell it ‘beigel’ for some reason. On Redchurch Street you’ve also got Allpress Espresso who roast up some pretty decent brews, that’s another place to visit while you’re in the area. The graffiti is forever changing in east London, some work can be there for months, whereas others are gone in days or weeks. I like it though, it means no matter how many times you take a walk around the streets of the east end it’s always different and has a new story to tell. Some of the pieces in this post and future posts are no longer there, but that’s the life of the world of street art. Anyway, here’s some of my favourite pieces (past and present) of urban art on Redchurch Street:

Jim Vision redchurch st

Work by Jim Vision.

Stik shoreditch

Stik! See how many times you can spot this guy in London.

Tag Redchurch st

Not sure who this tag is by, but it’s one of my favourites.

Redchurch Street – the place for huge pieces of street art. It once was – this wall has pretty much been replaced by shop fronts now. 

Mural redchurch st

This wall on Redchurch Street has played host to some incredible murals like this one by Jim Vision.

Mural 4 Redchurch st

Mural 3 redchurch st

Fresh graffiti, again another one by Jim Vision.

Mural 2 rechurch st

Again, another amazing piece of work that left without a trace.

As you can see, there’s some impressive work on Redchurch Street and it continues to change and evolve over time. It’s a great place for any lover of urban art to start their graffiti hunting, and you’re right in the centre of the hipster capital that is east London. There’s plenty to do and a shit load of street art to find. Shoreditch will not disappoint.

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments, share your favourite spots in London, and add any info I’ve missed.

Peace x

Which is the right way?

Nelson streetFollowing on from my first blog post I’m going to stay in south west of England and in the fine city of Bristol. If you’ve never been to Bristol before then I highly recommend you do. Even if you’re not a graffiti addict like me, there’s still plenty to see and do. Just so you know I don’t work for Bristol tourist information so I’m not going to sit here and tell you everything about the place! I’ll keep this strictly street art, promise.

There’s so many awe-inspiring pieces of graffiti in Bristol that it’s difficult to know where to start. But I think going back to Nelson Street is the perfect place to begin. From Bristol Temple Meads train station it’s a good 10-15 minute walk to Nelson Street, you’ll walk up from the station towards the city centre, over the River Avon and head towards Broad Street.

At the bottom of Broad Street you’ll see a gothic looking church, this is the city gate and I’ve read it dates as far back as the 14th century. Anyway, enough history. If you walk under the city gate this will take you onto Nelson Street.

You’ll see Bristol’s Community Bike Cafe and the rest is history. . .

Bristol cafe

Nelson st2 Nelson st3

These were some of the first pieces of street art I saw in Bristol and they inspired my graffiti love affair. Who ever knew it could be so amazing? There’s a host of big names who have their work on Nelson Street too, including ROA and the famous Stik.

Work by Mr Aryz

Work by Mr Aryz

Work by ROA

Work by ROA

The famous STIK

The famous STIK

Another view of Nelson St.

Another view of Nelson St.

So if Nelson Street isn’t the perfect place to showcase some amazing street art then I don’t know where is! In such a short space there’s some truly unique pieces of work that are fit for anyone’s Instagram feed.

If you’re looking to discover some incredible street art then I suggest taking a trip to Bristol and Nelson Street. Just make sure you go loaded with a fully charged camera/ iPhone battery.

Graffiti lovers & artists, please add comments to give credits to anyone I’ve missed, and share your favourite graffiti spots.

Peace X